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What is Kino


 Kino is a film-making movement that advocates the production of short-films on little to no budget, using small crews, and non-competitive collaboration. There are Kino Groups around the world. Kino is divided into individual cells, or chapters, most of which have a monthly screening where member directors and guests can screen their films. Cells may also feature "Kino Kabarets", where members of the public are invited to collaborate and create films. 

 The KINO movement was founded in 1999 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by Christian Laurence and friends. It has since spread worldwide (mostly in French-speaking countries and central Europe), and is now composed of over 125 physical cells, as well as many Facebook groups. 


Do well with nothing, 

Join the filmmaking kino-community. We gather international talents and enable them to make short films under time pressure with available resources in a collaborative spirit. 

Kino Jargon


The following terms are international. 

KinoKabaret is a cinematic-based practical and active film workshop that usually runs for over a week. Films are made in so-called "rounds" and projected in cinemas. The rounds last between two and five days, depending on which Kino cell they are organized by. 

Kinoït is a kino enthusiast who has already participated at one or more Kinocells or KinoKabarets. There are participants with different levels of experience. Some have experienced over 50, where they created film with other Kinoïts. KinoKabaret is for professionals, amateurs and first timers.

Monthly Screening is an event that aims to showcase and distribute films from our cell and other Kino cells. Then, if necessary, a production meeting can take place. We actively use the film evenings for network work and also present trailers for friendly Kino festivals.

Production meeting is a gathering of Kino people who want to make a movie.  It's the first part of every Kabaret round. The moment were you can pitch your idea and find your crew.

Turbo cabaret or mini cabaret is usually a few days long. It's normally a small Kabaret. You meet, make films and screen them somewhere.

KinoLab is the center of the Kabaret. There is a main room with numerous tables, chairs and a pile of cables. This is the place were the production meetings take place, the films are cut and re-imitated. The closer we get to the screening, the higher the tension in the KinoLab. There is also often a bar,  Kitchen, rest rooms, recording studio, secure technical rooms and a administration office.

Quickie - a very short, quickly realized short film. Most of the times under a minute. which is spontaneously shot and cut between the chaos of Kino.

KinooniK Holland


In 2014 KinooniK Holland had a mini Kabaret under the name KinoR in Rotterdam at the Fruitvis.

In 2017 we restarted the Kino under our new name KinooniK and hosted 10 Kinoonik Meet and Screen nights in close cooperation with the Fruitvis in Rotterdam. 

In 2018 we had our first KinoKabaret  in Vlaardingen named KinooniK 1018. During this 6 day Kino which consisted out of two rounds, 40 filmmakers from around the world made 38 short films with only one rule. Collaborate.

Kinoonik Holland is currently looking for a new base In The Netherlands. We will organize our second Big Kabaret in the summer of 2020.

But before that we hope to restart our KinooniK Meet and screen and hold a mini Kabaret as soon as possible.

More information later this year

About us

KinooniK Holland

Marcel Romeijn

Nataliya Trusova

René van de Schuur

Carla Goedkoop

Rick Kuitems

Wouter Springer

Kino Philosophy

Do well with nothing, do better with little and do it NOW!

KinooniK meet and screen.

Soon we will be back with our 2- monthly meet and screen evenings. 

Kino North West

Our friends Kino North West, England explain what KinoKabaret is.

Promo for our KinooniK screening in 2018


Made during KinooniK 1018 by Maximilian Alexander 


Made during KinookiK 1018 by Andrew Vandaele.


Made during KinooniK 1018 by Sophie Chamoux.

Size doesn't matter

Made during KinoR 2014 by Jonny Pratt

Aan de haven

Made during KinoR 2014 by P.O

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KinooniK Holland

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands